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A friendly business adviser told me I need to be more visible so people who see me in Union Square know who "The Tour Guide With A Camera" really is.  OK so that's me with Dottie (the manager of the Piedmont Boutique on Haight Street) and yes I have a sense of humor! Below is a "capsule" of my story.

This is not my first start-up

I've been trying to come up with a value added service for the Tour Guide industry for the past 8 years. I thought driving Teslas around and touring would be a good idea but I couldn't make the numbers work with that much capital investment and too little seating. Then I thought Power-Walking Tours with a photos-excursion theme was a good idea but there are way too many really good group fitness programs out there and I'm no young Adonis. 

Photo-Shoot tours is the right idea for the Instagram/Snapchat generation.  I love the idea of bringing a Photo-Shoot Touring product to market that makes people smile, have more fun exploring San Francisco and provides a value added service on any available touring platform for small groups.

Prior to becoming a tour guide I started a number of companies and I made a few people a lot of money. This time I'm starting a company that, if it never scales, I will enjoy every day out walking San Francisco and meeting new people and taking their pictures and enjoying every amazing look that I capture and every new friendship that I make.

Michael Sullivan

"The Tour Guide With A Camera"

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My SmugMug site will take time to populate with my favorite landscapes but there are lots of photos going up every day. Your picture might already be posted . ..

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I am taking the last week of June off for vacation and will be ramping up for July, August and September Photo-Shoot Tours. Book now before my media campaign starts next week!

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