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We do photo excursion walking tours by appointment for smaller athletically inclined groups of 10 to 20 individuals. We'll meet you at your hotel or at agreed upon starting points for tours, such as, Union Square, The Ferry Building, Aquatic Park, Lands End or Golden Gate Park. Walking tours are typically 2 hours or 3.5 hours but we spent a good part of the rainy season developing vehicle assisted tours where we jump on a MUNI bus or take an Uber to cut the mileage and time commitment down. I've also been asked to break some longer walking tours up with a lunch in the middle (no Problem!). This will be my 8th year of showing visitors around San Francisco and I love every minute of it.

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The virtual tours are up and we will be adding blog items and gallery items over the next few weeks. Please contact us via email with your interests and expected arrival time in San Francisco:

Testimonials - short & sweet

Bill Bryson - UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley Travel Wheeling, WV 

"We have used Mike 7 - 8 times with our group visits to San Francisco. Would not go anywhere else. Mike is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always prepared. Makes my job really easy. Always look forward to bringing our next group for an outstanding tour of the city by the bay.... Good Luck Mike. Bill Bryson - UNIGLOBE Ohio Valley Travel Wheeling, WV"

Michael Bell May 2 at 12:57pm "We had the best days of our cruise when we arrived in SAN Francisco and had a 3 night stopover and we were looked after by Sully’s Tours. Great and knowledgeable guy and on time each day, great tour bus and a great guy all round." (Note: I own the domain Sully's San Francisco Tours but I now use exclusively.

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@walksanfrancisco - as of this date it's up to 475 so back to work

Regularly scheduled tours will be back again in June

When it is raining in San Francisco you do not want to go on a walking tour and either do we. The plan is to reintroduce regularly scheduled tours when all the tourists get here in June. Currently all tours are by appointment so what do you want to see? We're also adding DSLR and film photo excursion tours with professional photographers mainly for tricky sunset and sunrise shoots. Feel free to ask us about it or simply request a pro when you email us. These tours have less walking and more camera instruction and help with settings and set up.


FAQs are being updated for release by April 1, 2019

Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud

Sunrise –#PowerPhotoWalk - Virtual Tour

By Appointment

Start: Pier 1 #Starbucks outside

End: #FerryBuilding

Distance: 4mi/6.5k (8,000 steps)

Our #PowerPhotoWalk starts at Pier 1 then out to Pier 14 for bridge pics. Then a #SeriousWalk to Reds Java Hut and South Beach Marina. Next around Oracle Field, slowing it down. At the Gaylord Perry statue we shift focus more to the east side of the street and buildings with stories as we walk back to Pier 1. This tour is best at sunrise or we can do a shorter version before a Giants stadium tour or game.

#SeriousWalker difficulty? Easy

Behind The Piers – Pier 1 to Ghirardelli Sq - Virtual Tour

Tour Details
By Appointment

Start: Pier 1 #Starbucks outside

End: #GhirardelliSquare

Distance: 4mi/6.5k (8,000 steps)

We start with some photos of the historic Ferry Building completed in 1898 then into the Pier 1 waterfront exhibit. We then #PowerPhotoWalk along the Bay Trail, behind piers, close to boat action and unusual waterfront views. We pass by the most highly prized tourist spots along the waterfront.

#SeriousWalker difficulty? Moderate - 10 flights stairs & up hill at end (1-block).

Aquatic Park to the Golden Gate Bridge - Virtual Tour

Tour Details

By Appointment 

Aquatic Park, Ft. Mason, Marina District, 

Palace of Fine Arts, The Presidio to

The Golden Gate Bridge

Distance: 5 mi/8k (10,000 steps)

Time: 3.5 hrs.

A #PowerPhotoWalk on wide open trail where bike riders, joggers, walkers and scooters converge on a pilgrimage to the Golden Gate Bridge. The views of the palace, bridge and the bay are incredible but can be foggy.

30 flights of stairs 200 ft. elevation gain last 3/4 mi/1.2k (1,500 steps)

#SeriousWalker Difficulty? Hardish 

Lands End to the Golden Gate Bridge - Virtual Tour

Tour Details 

Weekends or by Appointment 

Lands End to Batteries, 

Bluffs & Beaches and

The Golden Gate Bridge

Distance: 6 to 7 Miles (12,000 to 14,000 Steps)

100 Flights of Stairs

Group Size: 25 max

#PowerPhotoWalk along amazing rugged coast, birds, boats, sand dunes, waves crashing, beautifully sculpted and maintained trails, trees, and the Sea Cliff neighborhood. But the star of this show is the #GoldenGateBridge. 

#SeriousWalker Difficulty - Very hard my way but we can tone it down (or up!).

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For group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send us a message, and we will be sure to get back to you when we're not out walking San Francisco.

P.O. Box 26816, San Francisco, CA 94126

(415) 534-7770 I prefer texts. If your telephone number contains an area code outside the U.S. I will only text you or email you.