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"The Tour Guide With A Camera"

Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud

Photo-Shoot Tour (AT THE Haight Street fAIR ON jUNE 9, 2019)


Photo-Shoot Sightseeing Tours - $125.00 Per Hour

What is a Photo-Shoot Tour?


For years I've listened to tourists complain about returning home from vacations only to look at galleries of photographs with hardly any pictures of family, friends, other people or even of themselves. Everyone is so new to photography and so few know how to take close-ups and really memorable photographs. Fewer still take the time to touch-up their photos and to see what they might have missed in the lighting or shadows which, I've discovered, can take an average photo and make it look dreamy or artistic or perfectly real. I don't buy other's pre-sets. When I re-touch I do everything by sight on my notebook or my cell-phone. I charge a competitive fee for the touring experience and I give you some free photos. But at the end of the day when you see all the really good pictures of you and your group I hope you will purchase a few more.


How It Works

A Photo-Shoot Tour is just like a sightseeing tour but the main emphasis is that everyone who signs up is there to have their picture taken by a photographer who knows his way around San Francisco. A photo-shoot tour is for anyone who wants to learn a little bit about San Francisco but really wants to meet and interact with others and get their portraits and group shots taken by an experienced photographer and blogger.

"BETTER THAN SELFIES".  All Photo-Shoot Tours have been designed by a Certified Tour Guide in The San Francisco Tour Guide Guild with over 8-years of experience and who has walked over 1,900 miles around San Francisco taking photos. Book a tour now or check out my Instagram Blog, "Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud" by scrolling down. 

During our walks or Hop On Hop Off Bus or MUNI-Bus rides or Uber or Lyft share-rides to tops of hills we change up who we get to talk with. So on rotation I get to talk with everyone in a small group a number of times in between photo stops. This is really important on so many levels but the 1 to 1 feedback will not only help me take better photos of each group member but getting "real time" feedback will help me to make my tours and my company that much better with every conversation I have.

When I interject to the group about a building or a monument or the history of an area I may leave a lot out if everyone's engaged and talking. I try to stick with the "essence of relevancy" or the most I can tell you in the fewest amount of words.

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Why Should You Sign Up For My Photo-Shoot Tours?

1.) You want your portrait and group photos taken in front of San Francisco's historic buildings, bridges and monuments but you know from experience that selfies aren't good enough.

2.) You are a solo traveler, you want a sightseeing tour and you're tired of coming home from vacations and looking at galleries of photos with very few good ones of you in them.

3.) You've looked through my website and my Instagram posts and you want to see the places I've photographed and get your pictures taken there.

4.) You like the idea of getting to know others in your group rather than standing around and listening to one person talk the entire time.

5.) You've perused my Instagram Blog and you like the way I think (or right-brain ramble) and the photos I take.

Photo-Shoot Tours are a novel concept here in San Francisco

My prices for the tours alone are very competitive and I'll give you a few of the best photos I take of you and one of the group at no charge to offset my service fees. If you like the photos I take you can buy more on my photo sharing site. Oh, and I give photos away as rewards for great poses, creative cheers and meaningful contributions. It may sound juvenile but so are game shows and they have been around for a long time. How much will I charge for photos? How good do I want my reviews to be? It has to be the right product at the right price that everybody raves about and I make a little bit of money until I build demand. 

Limited Schedule and At Different Times Of The Day

I will be in Union Square three days a week to sign up 5 or 6 cash-paying customers for my introductory 1.5-Hour Photo-Shoot Tours at $25.00 per person (6 person maximum). For bus rides you should have a $5 MUNI Day-Pass loaded on your mobile phone and if we take a ferry boat somewhere you should have a Hopthru account or a Clipper Card. We meet at Union Square but we could go anywhere where I think we can get some fun photos in 1.5 hours and I don't start my clock until we get there even if its an SFMTA N Judah ride to 9th Ave. and Irving St. with a short walk to the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. If you want to take the Deluxe Hop On Hop Off Bus and have me guide you we will be hopping off as many times as possible along the route to get photos. 

Book now FAQs

Please be sure to read through my FAQs

I look forward to meeting you and your group and I will try to make your photo-shoot tour with me one of the best touring experiences you will ever have. I will be adding more detail on my tours and getting this website looking a little better. My Instagram blog "Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud" is worth a visit if only to look at my much larger photo gallery.

Michael Sullivan - The Tour Guide With a Camera


Photo-Shoot Tours


I photograph people at beautiful locations all around San Francisco on 2-hour and 4-hour photo-shoot tours and I can bring along entertainers 

Ferry Boat Rides


Some days are perfect for getting out on the Bay. If your group loves hiking lets go to Angel Island. We can leave from the Ferry Building or Pier 41

My Resume on Instagram


I have over 800 photographs on my Blog

Check it out! 100% my photos

"Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud"

New Company/Great Deals


I'm a Certified Tour Guide with 8 years of experience. My company is a brand new start-up and my photo-shoot tour business model is a novel approach

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I love to photograph small groups at events and street fairs. The fun gets funny and funnier with every click


Events provide so many opportunities for one-of-a-kind photos. You'll be surprised at how many people that want to join in on the fun and have their photo taken with you

Check out my FAQs


You have questions, I have some answers.  My FAQ is probably too long and doesn't answer all your questions. email me and I'll shoot you an answer.

(This is how I like to photograph the band making people smile)

Menu / Price List

Photo-Shoot tours


Union Square

Union Square is a central, high visibility location where Hop-on Hop-off buses and tourists congregate. When I don't have a Photo-Shoot tour appointment I take random photos of individuals and groups to post and sell on my Smugmug site

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Whether I'm at "Lindy in the (Golden Gate) Park", watching a sailing regatta from Crissy Field or meeting my group at a street fair I always look for people having fun and enjoying themselves


Golden Gate Bridge

Book now and plan to see new sights and make new friends and come away with some photographs that you will always remember

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Special Requests Available

For group tours, we can customize an itinerary to emphasize your interests. If you have a special request, send us a message, and we will be sure to get back to you when we're not out Walking San Francisco.

P.O. Box 26816, San Francisco, CA 94126

1-415-980-0593 WhatsApp me outside the U.S. or I will only text you or email you

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