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Photo-Shoot Tour (AT THE Haight Street fAIR ON jUNE 9, 2019)


Photo-Shoot Sightseeing Tours - $125.00 Per Hour

What is a Photo-Shoot Tour?

I guide individuals, couples and small groups (6 max) to the best places in San Francisco to have your pictures taken in a series of one or two minute photo-shoots per person, couple or group. If you've done some homework you might wear colors that will blend or contrast with the sights you really want to be pictured with, for instance, the usually pale red color of the Golden Gate Bridge (labeled International Orange). The photo to the left was taken with a background of the Jerry, Jerry and Janice Mural in Haight Ashbury on Cole Street. The color coordination of clothing and grey background was perfect.

 you need to do is tell me where you really want your pictures taken and I will give you options on transportation and how we can go where you want to go and how much time you need to schedule with me In between photo-shoots we will want to be taking a cable car to the top of Russian Hill or Nob Hill even if its only 2 blocks from our starting point because we want photographs on a moving cable car. If you want to have your picture taken at Twin Peaks, Telegraph Hill or any of the other 40-something hills in San Francisco we'll need a limo or multiple Taxi, Uber or Lyft rides. When you want to see and experience the Historic Waterfront from the historic Ferry Building to Fishermans Wharf I cut the walking distance down and get some great photos on the F-Line antique trolley. 

Golden Gate Park's Botanical Gardens is a great place to go for trees, flowering plants and landscape architecture (which I know absolutely nothing about but it's all "eye candy" for a right-brained photographer) If you want those kinds of botanical backgrounds I really enjoy the creative compositions and portrait shots everywhere in Golden Gate Park. We can cover a lot of ground in a 1.5-hour photo-shoot tour in the Botanical Gardens, The Japanese Tea Gardens or, if it's raining outside the De Young Museum or the Academy of Sciences. No flash allowed inside museums and not all the artwork can be photographed but there is plenty to do and see through my lenses.

I love the magnificent size of the structure and the Art Deco architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the historic forts and batteries in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area; and, I've photographed the Golden Gate Bridge from almost every possible angle with bright sunshine and high and low clouds and at so many times of day I know exactly where to go to get the best possible pictures. I now do Ebike tours from Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito and return by ferry. A less strenuous version of that tour is a round trip ferry ride to Sausalito with backgrounds of the San Francisco skyline, the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena, Treasure, Alcatraz and Angel Islands, The Golden Gate Bridge, Belvidere and Tiburon Islands. I've walked and ridden my bike around Angel Island. The only way to really see everything on Angel Island is on Ebikes and the only way to get there is a roundtrip ferryboat ride. I charge a competitive fee for the touring experience and you get 10 edited photos for digital download for each hour of the tour you book with me. I absolutely plan to take more than ten photos per hour and I hope they turn out sooo good you can't live without purchasing additional photos from me at an amazingly low price after you receive your 10 per hour (That is 15 total edited photos per group per hour but I'll always throw in more to even things up)

How It Works

A Photo-Shoot Tour is just like a sightseeing tour but the main emphasis is that everyone who signs up is there to have their picture taken by a photographer who knows his way around San Francisco. A photo-shoot tour is for anyone who wants to get educated about San Francisco history and culture but really want to get your portraits and small group photos taken by an experienced photographer. You can actually go through my blog posts and take screenshots of all the places you want your photographs taken and I will quote you a price on what it will cost over and above for transportation.

"BETTER THAN SELFIES".  All Photo-Shoot Tours have been designed by me and I am a Certified Tour Guide in The San Francisco Tour Guide Guild with over 8-years of experience. I've walked over 2,500 miles around San Francisco taking photos since March of 2019 and I know the best places to take your photos 

During our walks or Uber or Lyft share-rides to tops of hills I talk about the neighborhoods we're in and I always have something to say about history but this tour is really about you and what you want to see and do. My tours are guidelines and recommendations but I can change directions on a dime and take photographs anywhere in the city because nothing I do is scripted. I don't do touristy photos. I do mostly closeups, headshots and creative compositions with backgrounds that will mean something to you and hopefully help you to better see and become a part of San Francisco, the city I love. I'm a student of fashion photography. That just means I look at a lot of pictures and try to learn something new and apply it with every photoshoot touring experience.

When I talk about history I'll give you the condensed versions or "The most information I can tell you in the fewest amount of words" in between photo-shoots.

Book a tour now or check out my Instagram Blog, "Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud" by scrolling down. 

Why Should You Sign Up For My Photo-Shoot Tours?

1.) You want to try a different type of tour

2.) You want your portrait and group photos taken in front of San Francisco's historic buildings, bridges and monuments and you know from experience that selfies aren't good enough.

3.) You are a solo traveler, you want a sightseeing tour and you're tired of coming home from vacations and looking at galleries of photos with very few good ones of you in them.

4.) You've looked through my website and my Instagram posts and you want to see the places I've photographed and get your pictures taken there.

5.) You like the idea of getting to know others in your tour group rather than standing around and listening to one person talk the entire time.

6.) You've perused my Instagram Blog and you like the way I think (or right-brain ramble) and the photos I take.

Photo-Shoot Tours are a novel concept here in San Francisco

My prices for the tours alone are very competitive and I'll give you a few of the best photos I take of you and one of the group at no charge to offset my service fees. If you like the photos I take you can buy more on my photo sharing site. Oh, and I give photos away as rewards for great poses, creative cheers and meaningful contributions. It may sound juvenile but so are game shows and they have been around for a long time. How much will I charge for photos? How good do I want my reviews to be? It has to be the right product at the right price that everybody raves about and I make a little bit of money until I build demand. 

Limited Schedule and At Different Times Of The Day

I will be FAQs

Please be sure to read through my FAQs

I look forward to meeting you and your group and I will try to make your photo-shoot tour with me one of the best touring experiences you will ever have. I will be adding more detail on my tours and getting this website looking a little better. My Instagram blog "Walking San Francisco & Thinking Out Loud" is worth a visit if only to look at my much larger photo gallery.

Michael Sullivan - The Tour Guide With a Camera


Photo-Shoot Tours


I photograph people at beautiful locations all around San Francisco on 1.5-hour and 3.5-hour photo-shoot tours and I can bring along entertainers 

Ferry Boat Rides


Some days are perfect for getting out on the Bay. For a relaxing morning We can leave from the Ferry Building at 10:00 am weekdays

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I have over 1,100 photographs on my Blog

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New Company/Great Deals


I'm a Certified Tour Guide with 8 years of experience. My company is a brand new start-up and my photo-shoot tour business model is a novel approach

Small groups of 6 or fewer


If you've always wanted to bike the Golden Gate Bridge I'm your tour guide with a camera and I will give you awesome photographic proof that you actually did it. The ferryboat ride back from Sausalito is so beautiful. Sausalito speaks for itself, a must see!

Check out my FAQs


You have questions, I have some answers.  My FAQ is probably too long and doesn't answer all your questions. email me and I'll shoot you an answer.

(I even find a way to put myself in the background. I love mirrors and reflections)

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Photo-Shoot tours


Union Square

Union Square is a central, high visibility location where Hop-on Hop-off buses and tourists congregate. When I don't have a Photo-Shoot tour appointment I take random photos of individuals and groups to post and sell on my Smugmug site



Whether I'm at "Lindy in the (Golden Gate) Park", watching a sailing regatta from Crissy Field or meeting my group at a street fair I always look for people having fun and enjoying themselves


Golden Gate Bridge

Book now and plan to see new sights and make new friends and come away with some photographs that you will always remember

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